Phone Charging Kiosks


Event Rentals DC is the local leader in phone charging stations, phone charging kiosks, and phone charging booths.  We carry a wide assortment of different types of phone charging stations. Phone Charging Stations are a great and novel way to bring attention and foot traffic to any event or festival.  People do not bring cell phone chargers everywhere they go.  People simply forget, and carrying around a charger is annoying!  Even if they did, festivals, events, and other public areas lack access to wall chargers and electrical outlets.  Our portable phone charging stations solve this problem.  Phone charging stations provide multiple charging tips at one single charging station.  Each charging station is equipped to handle the latest Apple, Android or Windows Phone technology. Each charging station uses rapid charge technology.  Each unit is also capable of charging 12 devices simultaneously.  The result is that more people can stay connected during your event.

Phone charging stations are also great for advertising and branding.  Our stations are equipped with 20in HD LCD screens and a lower light box capable of displaying multiple media formats.  Patrons are exposed to the advertisements or corporate messages when they charge their cell phones.  Studies have shown that people exposed to on-screen advertisement on a cell phone charging station are 50% more likely to recall that specific advertisement vs other traditional forms of media. In addition to standing phone charging stations, we also offer table-top charging stations as well.  Call us today for our complete line of products!

Please feel free to call at us at 571-882-1855 or send us an email to info (at) with your inquiry. We will respond any quote request the same business day. We are looking forward to working with you!