Tent Rentals DC


Event Rentals DC is your one stop shop for tent, party, and wedding rentals in the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland.  We offer a wide assortment of festival tents, party tents and wedding tents.  Because we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, we will never be undersold on any of our tent pricing. We offer lowest and most competitive prices for your tent rentals!  We have worked with various festivals and events including Chantilly Day, Turkish Festival, Reston Multicultural Festival, Fiesta DC, Taste of Falls Church, Broccoli City Festival, and many more.  We will work with you to ensure that you have the custom tent size that works best for your event. Please take a look at the different tent rental options below to see which best suits your event. We carry Economy Tent Rentals as well as Commercial Tent Rentals, both of which offer distinct features and advantages:

Choose from our Economy Line of Tents, which offer the form and functionality of a commercial tent for the fraction of the price!  Economy Line Tent Rentals are available in the following popular sizes:

10′ Wide 20′ Wide
10×10 20×20
10×20 20×30
10×30 20×40
10×40 20×50
10×50 20×60
10×60 20×70
10×70 and larger 20×80 and larger

Choose from our Commercial Line of Frame Tents, which are great for festivals, corporate events, parties, weddings, and more.  Commercial tents are the strongest on the market and are suitable for long-term tent rentals.  Commercial Line Tent Rentals are available in the following popular sizes:

10′ Wide Marquee 20′ Wide Frame 30′ Wide Frame 40′ Wide Frame
10×10 20×20 30×40 40×40
10×20 20×30 30×50 40×60
10×30 20×40 30×60 40×80
10×40 20×50
10×50 20×60
10×60 20×70
10×70 and larger 20×80 and larger

***All Economy Line and Commercial Line tents can be connected with other matching tent structures to create custom tent shapes.  Talk to one of our Event Specialists for more details***

Event Rentals DC prides itself on friendly tent, party, and wedding rental service.  Our staff is always willing to help.  We are also the most flexible, and understanding event rental company in the DMV area. Problems happen, and we will work with you to make sure that you are always satisfied. This is the Event Rentals DC difference.

How To Select The Right Tent:


1. Determine the number of guests at the party:  This factor is important because you do not want to have too small a tent, or too large a tent for the wrong number of guests!

2. What type of party is it?:  Now that you have an estimate of the number of guests at the party, it is important to factor in the amount of space each individual will occupy under the tent. Generally speaking, at a formal stand up event with some seating, each person will require about 8 sq ft of space. For a party event with dancing, each person needs about 16 sq ft of space.  You also need to factor in the relative sizes of tables.

3. Determine tent size:  For tent rentals, size matters.  Below is a comparative guide discerning the square footage of each tent we offer.  Additional sizes available upon request*

10×10=100 sq ft

10×20=200 sq ft

20×20=400 sq ft

20×30=600 sq ft

20×40=800 sq ft

20×50=1000 sq ft

4. Concrete vs. Grass:  Event Rentals DC uses frame tents on either concrete (any hard surface) or grass. Deciding on which type of surface you want to set up the tent rentals is a crucial factor.  Grass usually does not require the use of tent weights because anchors are driven into the ground. However, you must let us know if there are any ground obstructions or utilities to be aware of prior to any installation of a tent on a grass surface. Setting up on concrete is easier in some ways because there is no need to worry about underground obstacles.  Usually, it is recommended that tent weights are installed with the tent to ensure structural rigidity.


Please feel free to call at us at 571-882-1855 or send us an email to info (at) eventrentalsdc.com with your inquiry. We will respond any quote request the same business day. We are looking forward to working with you!