Tips From The Pros: Planning An Outdoor Wedding Post- Covid

As restrictions across the United States have been relaxed and or rescinded in response to the declining number of Covid-19 cases, outdoor weddings and events are making an eager comeback. After more than two years of being unable to host large gatherings due to pandemic safety protocols, families, couples, and businesses can now plan for larger events with confidence.

First of all, secure your venue and vendors now! There has been pent up demand for weddings since 2020. While many venues have already begun to book for summer 2023, there are still some important considerations that need to be taken into account before throwing a party–just in case. The most pressing issue is securing a venue that has adequate space for social distancing measures. Most public spaces are designed with 6 feet between guests in mind, but if possible it is best to aim for 10-12 feet of space between people. This allows guests the ability to move around freely without needing to worry about physical contact.

If your event is expected to take place during warmer months, having access to plenty of open windows and doors should be enough. However, if you’re hosting during winter months or in an enclosed environment then you may need additional ventilation systems such as fans or air purifiers.

When it comes down to actually enjoying the event itself, most event planners agree that having some sort of entertainment is not only beneficial but also crucial for keeping guests engaged throughout the night/day. Live music acts or DJs can provide entertainment while providing enough distance between them and the attendees due to their elevated stage. Music will also help create an atmosphere conducive towards conversation – something that has been missing from many events due to everyone wearing masks and staying socially distant during this current climate.

Finally, since people aren’t required any longer wear masks at outdoor events (unless voluntarily), it’s important that food and beverages are served strictly following health regulations by experienced catering staff who have received training on handling food safely and avoiding cross contamination at all times.. Additionally, it’s also important that these items are served individually wrapped – instead of buffet style – so as not to put anyone at risk of getting sick from contact with other people’s food or drinks.

By taking all these factors into consideration when planning your outdoor wedding or event you can rest assured that your guests will be able enjoy themselves both safely and responsibly.

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